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Forest Road

Do you travel?

Forest Road

Yes! We will travel up to 3 hours away. Our pricing is based on mileage. We charge $1.00 per mile.

  • Local (within 30 mins) is a flat $50-$65

  • Additional fees apply for events 1 hour or more away. ($85-$100 per extra hour of drive time)

  • A minimum equal to or greater than $5,000 for events over 2 hours away.


Do you setup and breakdown?



This is a service we offer to all clients and all events.

We price this based on our questionnaire & after meeting with our clients to know what all needs taken care of!

We do have a set minimum of $2500 total agreement requirement for this service starting in 2023. With the exception of ceremony chairs.


Do you offer seasonal jobs to students?



Please send us an email

to apply for a summer/ winter internship with us!

I hired a wedding planner - Do I need to hire you for setup and breakdown too?


Make sure to clearly discuss setup and breakdown with your wedding planner. It will depend on the package you have with them. Most wedding planners offer setup but not always breakdown. 

We often work hand in hand with wedding planners. They typically take care of your setup, timeline, making sure everyone is where they need to be, communicate with all of your vendors. 

While we design, setup and breakdown our rentals, the venue items, and your items.

Image by Felipe Furtado

Do you offer payment plans?

Image by Max Saeling

We do!

Once deposit is made and agreement is signed!

This is a perfect way to keep RSVPs in mind and we allow adjustments up to 30 days before the event. Typically, our client's last payment is significantly less once RSVPs are factored in!

Delivery Service

Do you Deliver & Pickup?

Postal Boxes

Yes! Absolutely! 

We have a small questionnaire to ensure we are in the right area & communication for this service is good! See our travel question for pricing.

We offer day before delivery and day after pickup for no additional charge!


Do you have a crew? 


We have THE BEST crew!

We have added several hand picked and wonderful individuals to our team in 2022 and they are just as eager as I am to start 2023 events!

Coin Collection

How do you determine your pricing?

& Why is it a good investment to hire you?

Coin Collection

We base our pricing a few different ways. We look at the market value of items, what it costs for us to buy them, store them, pack them, and insure them. 

Our services are priced based off of what we can do for the best value for our clients while allowing us to keep our lights on, pay our bills, and pay our staff. 

We are a well-made investment for your event, as we have the experience, resources, a lot of unique items, and can take on all of the major stressful, difficult, and complex components that go into event designing, creating, staging, and completing. 

How involved we are in your special moment is totally up to you. We offer set packages but more commonly we put together a custom package for our clients as no two events are the same! 

We run on full transparency, communication, and believe in quality over quantity. 

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Any additional costs I should know about?

Image by Josh Appel

1.) Starting in fall of 2022 - We unfortunately had to start adding a mandatory rental insurance fee. Our items were getting damaged and in order for us to provide great quality rentals to each client we had to add this fee in.

Rental insurance fee ranges from 10%-15% of the total rental invoice. Once all items (including our storage totes) are returned and unharmed - we offer a 100% refund of this fee.

This fee also applies to service when setting up and breaking down.

2.) Adding service needs or items will increase the invoice. Once agreement is sent and sign - any add on service or rentals or change in location will increase the invoice. 

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